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17 April 2013

the great perhaps on pitchfork


we're really excited because from today you will be able to listen to our new album, the great perhaps in full on pitchfork.

i know we've said it before, but i don't know where we would be without pitchfork. everything changed for us when they reviewed the best party ever, and seven years later it's just as amazing to be on there. the first album hadn't even been released outside of england when marc hogan reviewed it on pitchfork, and it completely opened up the world for us. without them writing about it we might never have been to all the amazing places and done all the amazing things we got to do in the boy least likely to. pitchfork is one of the greatest places to go to hear new music and we're so excited that it'll be the first place that a lot of people will be able to hear our new songs.

so here it is. our brand new album, the great perhaps, exclusively on pitchfork. a week before it's available on itunes and in rough trade and two whole weeks before it's released anywhere else in the world.

listen to it on pitchfork here

we hope you like it.



03 April 2013

climbing out of love




"we were just moths in the moonlight
caught up in the stars
but things always appear so much brighter surrounded by darkness"

we've got a new single coming out in a couple of weeks, which was kind of exciting anyway. even more exciting when pitchfork write about it. the track is streaming exclusively over on there at the moment.


i just hope people like the song.


20 March 2013

you can live a long time in such a little while




"he's a happy man - or is he? the smile says so, and so does the nice friendly way he talks. but don't be too quick to believe everything you see. the man's just not that simple. he's got a built-in sadness. it's a sadness he acquired by caring a lot about people, and about what happens to them. sounds pretty deep, doesn't it? well it is! it runs all the way to his center. he does a fair job of keeping it hidden until he opens his mouth to sing. it's all in the songs; even the love songs."


i found these sleevenotes written by ron peterson on the back of a tom t hall album that i picked up on saturday, and i thought they were nice. the record is amazing. then on sunday, jason molina died. it's unbelievably sad. i didn't really know him at all, he was a friend of a friend, but i spoke to him a few times on the phone when he called the record shop i was working in. he always seemed like a really sweet guy and if you picked up the phone he'd always keep you talking for ages, about music and what he liked and what you liked and all the things he was hoping to do with his own music. i guess in the last couple of years he kind of disappeared somewhere. it's really sad. he was such a great songwriter, and from the little i knew him, a genuinely lovely man. and now he's died. there is a great obituary written by everett true in the guardian today. all i know to write about him is that he wrote some of the most beautiful country rock songs i've ever heard and he talked a lot to people he didn't really know on the phone.


"the real truth about it is no one gets it right
the real truth about it is we're all supposed to try
there ain't no end to the sands i've been trying to cross
the real truth about it is my kind of life's no better off
if i've got the maps or if i'm lost"

- songs: ohia, farewell transmission