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09 June 2013

a week in the life of the boy least likely to


sometimes i don't leave the house all week and nothing happens. i get to friday and i can't really put my finger on anything specific that i've actually done in the last five days. then there are times when absolutely loads of things happen. but i still don't really leave the house all week. this week was one of those weeks.

at the beginning of the week we found out we'd been asked to support mark owen from take that on his solo uk tour. it started in six days time, so it was pretty short notice, but it didn't seem like something we could turn down just because i'd been thinking about going to matalan at the weekend. so as soon as we'd checked that the rest of the band were available to do it we began making arrangements for the tour. booking vans, booking hotels, booking rehearsals. all the things that needed to be done were done. we even had ten thousand boy least likely to postcards printed up to give away at the shows. by the tuesday night we were all set to go on tour, and everything seemed to be going unusually well.

mark owen artwork updated.JPG

on wednesday morning we got the advert through from the promoter with our name added to it, and it was a really exciting moment. even if it was in completely the wrong font. over the years i've learnt to let some things go. that afternoon we started working out the set list for the shows and i began thinking about what i was going to wear.

then on thursday the video we made for 'it could've been me' finally went up on vevo. it was nice to be able to share it with everyone at last. we filmed it in wales at the end of april with ryan owen eddleston and i'm so happy with the way it turned out. you can watch it on youtube and vevo and vimeo.

video still.jpg


on friday afternoon i needed to go shopping for a shirt to wear on tour, something light and summery that didn't make me look like a driving instructor, but i was starting to worry about the tour. it looked like there had been some huge oversights in the technical side of the stage set up and we weren't sure how possible it would even be for us to play. i went shopping anyway, hopeful that it would all be sorted out. then at nine o clock, still not having found anything to wear, i got a phone call from pete explaining the technical problems and we spent the next three hours on the phone with everyone involved in the tour trying to find a solution. sadly, there really wasn't anything we could do and at the end of the night we made the tough decision to pull out of the tour.

so on saturday morning, three days after we'd made the first announcement about going on the tour, we made a second announcement about not going on it. as suddenly as we were on we were off. we're really disappointed that we won't be doing the shows. i hope everyone going to see mark has a wonderful time. i'm sure it's going to be an amazing tour and it would have been so lovely to be a part of it. but i guess it just wasn't meant to be.

it's sunday morning now. we would have been leaving for sheffield at lunchtime, driving up to the leadmill for the first show of the tour. but that's not happening now. i guess i'll be able to go to matalan this weekend after all.

after we'd made the announcement on saturday i felt so low. i'd been so excited about going on the tour and now that it wasn't happening i didn't know what to do with myself. so i did what i always do when things go wrong. i took a rowing boat out on the river with my wife and spent fifty pounds on tammy wynette records. then on the way home we stopped off at a fair and my wife won a goldfish. we've called it mark owen. to remind us of a week when so much happened, but in the end nothing really did. i'll take him on tour with me next time i go, so at least i can say i did go on tour with mark owen after all.



ps. we've got ten thousand postcards and we don't really need all of them, so if anyone want to receive a postcard from us you can buy one on our bandcamp page. we'll write to you from wherever we are in the world at the time.


08 June 2013

not going on tour with mark owen

we're really sorry to announce that we will no longer be supporting mark owen on his forthcoming tour. we're really disappointed, but this is down to unforeseen technical issues that couldn't be solved. we'd like to thank mark owen and everyone else for giving us the opportunity.

i hope everyone going to see mark has a wonderful time. i'm sure it's going to be an amazing tour and it would have been lovely to be a part of it. but i guess it just wasn't meant to be.

sorry again and hopefully see you all soon

with love from

the boy least likely to


22 April 2013

the great perhaps available now


you can buy our new album, the great perhaps, now from iTunes all over the world.

The Great Perhaps - The Boy Least Likely To

it's also available on cd from the wonderful rough trade shop. a week before it's available from anywhere else and they'll happily post your cd anywhere in the world. the vinyl version of the album is not released until the beginning of may.

buy it from rough trade here

the album is also available from our own website on cd and vinyl.


we've also got tote bags and signed copies of our cd for sale on our bandcamp page because a few people have written to us saying they didn't get a chance to pledge.


happy sort of release day.