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17 June 2013

a world of polka dots



"just thinking of the several thousand macaroni dishes i consumed during my lifetime really pierced me with fear. you can neither die nor live with ease. you just keep eating or making love until the very day of your death, as though you were being carried along on a conveyor belt. i was really afraid of that" - yayoi kusama

"it's scary to watch someone you love go into the center of himself and confront his fears, fear of failure, fear of death, fear of going insane. you have to fail a little, die a little, go insane a little, to come out the other side." - eleanor coppola


the b side to our new single is called 'a world of polka dots', and it's our little paean to the princess of polka dots, yayoi kusama. apart from george michael and andrew ridgeley, i don't think we've ever written a tribute to anyone before, but i wanted to write something about her because i like the way she confronts her fears by filling her work with them. there's a lot of fear in our songs. fear of spiders, flying, the countryside, fear of falling in love, fear of failure, fear of death. i've been afraid of a lot of things over the course of four albums. i guess in a way i like to sing about the things i'm afraid of because somehow it makes me less afraid of them too.

a few years ago i made a list on twitter of all the things i was scared of. i got to sixty five fears and then i stopped. perhaps too afraid to go on. this is the list of the sixty five fears i had so far.

65. finding a dead mouse in my bread
64. deer ticks
63. brains
62. people i used to go to school with
61. the toothpick fish
60. my ear drums being perforated. particularly by knitting needles or kerplunk straws
59. wind turbines
57. high school musical
56. people touching my wrists
55. double layered car transporters
54. ronald mcdonald
53. developing flu like symptoms
52. getting a splinter in my tongue from a lolly stick
51. extractor fans
50. ventriloquist dummies
49. sneezing too hard and my eyeballs becoming unattached from their sockets
48. meteors crashing into earth
47. crime scene reconstructions
46. roller coasters
45. going into hospital for an operation and not getting enough anaesthetic so that i feel everything
44. getting my fingers chopped off in lawnmowers
43. leaf shredders. for the same reason as lawnmowers
42. hanging baskets
41. being struck by lightning
40. cockroaches
39. gnarl from buffy the vampire slayer
38. der kindestod from buffy the vampire slayer
37. the gentlemen from buffy the vampire slayer
36. the child catcher from chitty chitty bang bang
35. beaks
34. my tongue getting frozen to things when i lick them and having to be cut away
33. scarecrows
32. people who work in bookshops
31. the speed of mice
30. the easter bunny
29. dinner parties
28. hearing noises in lofts
27. someone ice skating over my fingers
26. toads
25. frogs
24. garden centres
23. spiders
22. people posting lit fireworks through my letterbox
21. houseflies
20. pigeons flying at me
19. jellyfish
18. peanuts. i might be allergic to them and i don't know
17. dentists
16. getting moles caught in zips
15. bruises under toenails
14 .little tiny stones flicking up off the road and coming in through my car window and hitting me when i'm driving
13. the theatre
12. bookshelves falling over and crushing me
11. grating my fingers off when i'm grating cheese
10. ordering food in restaurants
9. sitting in the bath and it falling through the floor
8. being pushed off train station platforms just as the train is coming
7. accidentally getting a pencil stuck up my nose and then hitting my head so it goes all the way up in to my brain
6. swallowing my tongue
5. putting warm food in fridges
4. yoghurt
3. bats flying into my hair and getting so entangled that i have to wait for them to die of distress and cut them out
2. cutting my tongue open when i'm licking envelopes
1. rats climbing out of toilets

there are definitely some things missing from the list. i might have to start it up again.

66. quicksand
67. my car breaking down on railway crossings

there we go. 'a world of polka dots' is available as a download from iTunes and all those other places. or from our bandcamp page if you want to go there.



14 June 2013

it takes two


It takes two by The Boy Least Likely To on Mixcloud


in case you didn't know our new single was released this week. it's called 'it could've been me' and it's an intergender duet with the lovely gwenno saunders.

on my way back home from watching the pussy riot documentary last night i began making a list in my head of all of my favourite intergender duets and so this morning when i woke up i made a mix. you can listen to it here on our mixcloud.

the mix starts off with george jones and tammy wynette singing 'golden ring'. i had so many tammy and george duets to choose from, but i think this is the best song they ever recorded together and i think it's one of tammy's greatest ever vocals. the way her voice cracks slightly when she sings the line "sunny, summer day" is perfect. then along the way i've put on some johnny cash and june carter, and two nancy and lee songs, because i couldn't choose between them. then there had to be some marvin and tammi on there, and usually i'd have gone for 'onion song', but i've got a soft spot for 'i'm your puppet' at the moment. then there are some of my favourite indiepop duets on there. allo darlin' duetting with monster bobby on 'dreaming', calvin johnson singing with heavenly, and v twin and katrina mitchell doing 'gifted'. every mix i make has to have a song with katrina singing on it somewhere. and rob jones from voluntary butler scheme singing with liz from the school on 'i don't believe in love'. i know rob thinks he sounds like bono on this song, but i think it's one of his finest vocals, and it's an amazing song. there's lots of other stuff on there too, like the lovely eggs and moldy peaches, and hope sandoval singing with jesus and mary chain. and obviously neil diamond and barbra streisand doing 'you don't bring me flowers'. and kenny and dolly had to be on there too. i even found space to include our new single on the mix.

in the end i couldn't bring myself to put 'separate lives' by phil collins and marilyn martin on, but i love that song too. maybe i'll have to do another duets mix and include it on that.

i hope you like the mix.

our new single is out now. available on iTunes and Amazon and 7digital and all those other places where things are available from these days. or you can buy it from us on our bandcamp page, along with lots of other great stuff like prints and postcards and signed cds and vinyl.



13 June 2013

let's go shopping!


the limited edition boy least likely to artwork prints have finally come back from the printers and they look really beautiful. we're so sorry it took so long, but hopefully it will have been worth the wait. we signed all of them yesterday morning and posted them out so if you ordered one then they should be with you any day now.

although most of them already have homes and walls to go to, we do still have a few left so if you want one we've got some for sale in our bandcamp shop. they're £25 each and they're all individually numbered and signed.

click to buy signed artwork

as well as the signed prints we've also added the hand typed lyric sheets to the bandcamp shop, after all the ones available on our pledge music page sold out. each lyric sheet is painstakingly typed up by me on my smith corona calypso, which is acting a bit weird at the moment, and then illustrated by my brother. i think they're really sweet and i thought it would be a shame if no one could ever get them again, so if you want one all you have to do is tell us which song you want the words for and we'll do the rest.

click to buy


the shop is also stocked with copies of the new album on vinyl and signed copies of the new album on cd as well as all the old albums on cd and vinyl. and you can buy postcards!



oh, and then there's the lonely in the universe bag! and the button badges!

this is the best shop ever!!

happy shopping


ps. we'll be adding the prints to our website shop some time next week if we have any left.