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14 June 2013

it takes two


It takes two by The Boy Least Likely To on Mixcloud


in case you didn't know our new single was released this week. it's called 'it could've been me' and it's an intergender duet with the lovely gwenno saunders.

on my way back home from watching the pussy riot documentary last night i began making a list in my head of all of my favourite intergender duets and so this morning when i woke up i made a mix. you can listen to it here on our mixcloud.

the mix starts off with george jones and tammy wynette singing 'golden ring'. i had so many tammy and george duets to choose from, but i think this is the best song they ever recorded together and i think it's one of tammy's greatest ever vocals. the way her voice cracks slightly when she sings the line "sunny, summer day" is perfect. then along the way i've put on some johnny cash and june carter, and two nancy and lee songs, because i couldn't choose between them. then there had to be some marvin and tammi on there, and usually i'd have gone for 'onion song', but i've got a soft spot for 'i'm your puppet' at the moment. then there are some of my favourite indiepop duets on there. allo darlin' duetting with monster bobby on 'dreaming', calvin johnson singing with heavenly, and v twin and katrina mitchell doing 'gifted'. every mix i make has to have a song with katrina singing on it somewhere. and rob jones from voluntary butler scheme singing with liz from the school on 'i don't believe in love'. i know rob thinks he sounds like bono on this song, but i think it's one of his finest vocals, and it's an amazing song. there's lots of other stuff on there too, like the lovely eggs and moldy peaches, and hope sandoval singing with jesus and mary chain. and obviously neil diamond and barbra streisand doing 'you don't bring me flowers'. and kenny and dolly had to be on there too. i even found space to include our new single on the mix.

in the end i couldn't bring myself to put 'separate lives' by phil collins and marilyn martin on, but i love that song too. maybe i'll have to do another duets mix and include it on that.

i hope you like the mix.

our new single is out now. available on iTunes and Amazon and 7digital and all those other places where things are available from these days. or you can buy it from us on our bandcamp page, along with lots of other great stuff like prints and postcards and signed cds and vinyl.



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