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10 January 2013

kill your darlings


so. if you were to try and make a perfect pop record for me then you might take a bit of the shangri-las, throw in some talulah gosh and a spoonful of jonathan richman, a little bit of nancy, a little bit of lee, season it with a little wham!, add a pinch of bananarama and cup of orange juice and finish it off with a sprinkling of sarah records and a big dollop of kenickie. and there you would have it. my perfect pop record. but that's quite a lot of effort, so alternatively you could just make something quick and easy and mix shania twain with pre-toxic britney spears. which is what taylor swift has done. it makes the most unbelievably delicious light snack. except at sixteen songs it is a little bit too filling.

then again, i find that pop records are always too long these days. 'dare' was only ten songs long and 'make it big' was only eight songs long. 'thriller' only had nine songs on it. there was something concise and perfect about them. i never noticed them being too short. pete told me it was because albums used to be on vinyl and the sound quality gets worse if you put more than twenty minutes of music one one side. then when cds became the main format for music you could fit more songs on an album, and he thinks it might be something to do with the contractual requirements of record and publishing deals too. whatever the reason is, i think it's a shame because i have to listen to five or six songs too many on a record and my mind starts wandering after forty five minutes.

so, as much as i love the new taylor swift album, it's over an hour long. so i'm going to take six of the songs off my ipod and make it a ten track album instead. here is the my new proposed running order in case anyone else wants to do the same.

1. red
2. treacherous
3. i knew you were trouble
4. 22
5. i almost do
6. we are never ever getting back together
7. stay stay stay
8. holy ground
9. the lucky one
10. begin again

it is now 37 minutes long, which is perfect. i was thinking about indiepop records and i've decided it's okay to have a few more songs on them. i wouldn't take anything off 'you can't hide your love forever', and 'rock legends volume 69' is perfect with thirteen songs on it. there are different rules for different genres i guess.

our new album has 11 songs on it. just in case you were wondering. you can always take one off.


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