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08 November 2012

i close my eyes and this is yesterday



"but summer has gone and i worry next time around it won't be so good and i'll be all memories and no hope and that's what they call old" - sarah records fanzine

 "one of the biggest things we needed when we were young was excitement. music was the most important things in our lives. i think we're the loneliest people i've ever met. music and videos were everything." - richey edwards


i feel like a teenager again this week. everywhere i go i seem to be reminded of all of the things that meant the world to me when i was fifteen. it's making me feel old and young again all at the same time.

first of all, generation terrorists was reissued on monday. it came out twenty years ago. ouch. i went to rough trade to watch 'culture, alienation, boredom and despair', the new documentary about the making of the album, and saw james play some of the songs from it. it was such a lovely night and it reminded me how important the band were to me growing up. seeing all the tv footage from snub and rapido and remembering the first time i saw them being interviewed on transmission and how i couldn't believe they were saying the things they were saying because i'd never known bands could be like that before. they were talking about all the same books i was excited about and quoting from all the films i was watching and their lyrics sounded like they were stolen from my sociology textbooks. and they loved kylie. and i thought i was the only one.

i wasn't really into rock music. i'd had a soft spot for hanoi rocks because my friend's older sister liked them and i remember staying up to watch guns n roses live at the roxy on heavy metal heaven, but that was about it. i was taping john peel and my friend chantelle was feeding me mixtapes of the pooh sticks and talulah gosh and the pastels and i was finding my way around pop music, backward and forwards from there. it's funny now to read about the influence that bands like mccarthy, jasmine minks and all those other C86 bands had on the manics. and it was great to hear the home demo of motorcycle emptiness on the steve lamacq show the other night, because it sounded like it could have come free on a flexi with waaah fanzine.

i don't know what i would be like if it hadn't been for the manics, but i know i wouldn't be the person i am. and we wouldn't be the band we are. they were the first band that i remember pete and me both being really into. 

"SARAH... It's just a record label, I guess, but - rather a nice one, maybe. ANYWAY, it's OURS. you can invent your own."


then this morning, clare from sarah records posted links to an online version of the sarah 4 fanzine. you can read them both here and here. it was amazing to read them all again. i'd forgotten what amazing writers matt and clare from sarah were, and how angry their writing could be sometimes. frustrated because they believed pop music was important and could be something that could change people's lives and so many bands didn't even try for that.


"a few stand up and fight, most don't bother. quite a few pretend not to know there is a fight anyway, and if there was, it certainly wouldn't be anything to do with them, would it? THEY MAKE ME SICK." - sarah 4


i guess as far as i was concerned, manic street preachers and sarah records were coming from the same place, even if they sounded worlds away from each other. but then i always thought nirvana were cuties too.


"THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY TOO... so rise up and spit down your bobby gillespie's worthless new noise 'cos it no more comes pure from the HEART. 'cos there's no more DESIRE. no more PASSION or HATE or real LOVE just a sick rock infested mess, tory dreamers, eighties godheads, KILL KILL KILL." - sarah 4


so many happy memories. but we've got an album to finish mixing. we can't just sit around talking about pop music all day. well actually we can, but maybe not quite like we used to.

stay beautiful.





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