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02 October 2012

happy to be myself USA tour video


"i wish i had collected tea towels,
at least then i'd have something useful
to remind me of all the places that i might never get to go back to"

so, while pete has been busy finishing off the album in the studio, i've spent the last couple of weeks in the drum room next door, going through a box of home video tapes from around the time of the first album and the tours of america that we did at the time. it's been really amazing to see it all again. we've always loved playing over there and so much of it was just as i'd remembered it. there was about ten hours of footage and we were wondering what we could do with it all and we wanted people to see it sooner rather than later, so we put it together into a video for 'happy to be myself'. a song which i always thought should have had a video for it anyway.

sometimes i wish we could just jump on a plane and go back to all those places, but we've got an album to finish. hopefully once we've done that we can get start thinking about going around the world again.  



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