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15 September 2012

we have lift off

i haven't had a chance to write anything here for a while. i've just been so busy writing words for the new album, and when i'm writing words, all my thoughts and ideas get used up with that, so i don't have any brain left for blogs. but anyway, i've finished all the lyrics for the new album and i've sung nearly all of the songs i've got to sing, so we can hang out again. i'll be writing on here all the time from now on.

we launched the album on friday. whatever that means. we're still in the middle of recording the album so it feels like a funny sort of launch. if it was a rocket it wouldn't get very far at the moment. but we launched the album anyway. and you can preorder it right now from this website.


i suppose if you imagine the album as a wedding, then this would be the engagement party. it's just a big celebration of the announcement really, so we can all enjoy the run up to the big day together. and we wanted to do something a bit special in the run up to the album coming out, so we're making loads of other exclusive stuff available alongside the album. as well as being available as just a cd or download, the album can also be bought with loads of other extras, which you can find on our pledge music page. if for example, anyone has ever fancied having us write and record a song all about them then now is their chance. there are only a few of these, just because it takes a while to do so once they're gone they're really gone i'm afraid. and there is some amazing artwork available too. there are some beautiful colour prints and my brother, who has always drawn all our artwork, is going to do ten one off drawings for people. which is really exciting. he's so busy, and it's so difficult for him to find the time to do any drawing, so these are going to be really special. anyway, i could go on and on about all the fun things we're doing but it's probably easier to just go over to the website and have a look.

it really is very VERY exciting. i can't wait for the hen night.





Whoop Whoop

Posted by: Chris Harrison | 15 September 2012

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