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21 February 2012

happy pancake day


i haven't written anything on here for a while. i feel bad. but i've just been really busy writing words for songs, and when my head is full of words and trying to find rhymes for things i just can't seem to do anything else. it disrupts my thinking to log on to write something funny or enlightening. i don't have many funny and enlightening thoughts so when i do have one it's probably going to being used in the words to a song. and i don't want to share them with anyone yet. i hope you understand. i just go quiet sometimes.

here are three things i have been up to though.


1. listening to sammi smith. this is all i do when i'm on my own. i only really knew her before for her version of 'help me make it through the night', the kris kristofferson song, but then i found a copy of her album, 'the rainbow in daddys eyes' in a record shop in wantage. i couldn't believe i'd never listened to any of her records before. it was like the time i bought the first two nancy and lee albums at a car boot sale when i was younger. just a complete revelation. now i can't imagine my life before i listened to sammi smith. i only know it must have been emptier.

2. watching new girl. i love it so much. that's all you need to know.

3. going shakespeare mad. yep. i finally got into shakespeare. i know, it's embarrassing. i'd read a few of his plays at school and i read the tempest at college, but there are lots i don't know at all. it all happened so suddenly. i went to stratford on avon for a couple of days and now i've gone shakespeare mad. now i'm on a mission to read all thirty two of his plays by the end of the month. so far, i've only read midsummer night's dream, so i've got quite a long way to go. but it was really quite good.  frustrated lovers and fairies and donkey headed men. brilliant stuff. tonight henry v.

please note. i am obsessive. which means that as well as getting obsessed with things very quickly i can also lose enthusiasm for something i am obsessive about if i discover something else to be obsessive about. i may very well not read all of shakespeare's plays. all that's important right now is that i think i will.

i did do other things too. but mainly i did these three things and wrote songs with pete.

happy pancake day. 


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