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01 September 2011

the barkers and the coloured balloons



"the top is nice when you haven't reached it. but once you get there, the potential is gone. dreams are what keep people going."

- kris martin


summit 1.jpg



so anyway. i went down to the saatchi gallery on tuesday afternoon. it's a nice thing to do when you're not feeling very well. gallery one has got a really nice installation in it at the moment. it's by kris martin and it's called summit. it's made up of eight megalith like boulders set apart around the room. which doesn't sound very remarkable, until you notice that each boulder has a small paper cross on top of it. you can't see the crosses at first because they're so tiny, but when you look for them and find one it completely changes the way you see the scale of the whole room. suddenly the boulders look like tiny mountains and you feel like a giant standing next to them. 


i liked the way i felt looking at them.




summit 2.jpg



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