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27 July 2011

ways to have fun #1 guess my lunch

"i'm afraid that sometimes you'll play lonely games too. games you can't win 'cause you'll play against you." 

- dr seuss


life can be pretty depressing sometimes. doing the same thing day after day. so i've been thinking of ways to make it just that little bit more fun. just by using the things around you. no board games, no booking fees, no days out at theme parks or expensive sports equipment needed. just you doing the things you do. but in a slightly more fun way. here is my first idea for a game. it is ideal for anyone who works in an office or with a few other people. although you can play it with just two of you. it's called "guess my lunch".

the rules.

it's quite simple. all you do is this. before you go to lunch you go around your workplace and ask all the other people to write down on a piece of paper or card what they think you're going to have for lunch that day. without showing you what they've written down. then you go and buy your lunch. when you bring it back to the office you reveal your lunch to everyone and then everyone reveals what they have written on their cards. if someone has guessed correctly then they get a bite of your lunch. 

you each take it in turns to go out and get lunch while everyone else guesses. a good player will be able to eat well enough on winning bites alone. so make sure that when you choose your lunch it is a difficult one to guess. creatures of habit may find that they have their lunch guessed quite regularly by a few people and end up with little left for themselves. hopefully this game should encourage them to be more adventurous with their lunch choices.

it only really works with takeaway lunches. but you can play it with a packed lunch if you don't want to go out. and you don't really even need a job. you just need to have lunch. with at least one other person. 

pete's going to be so excited when he reads this. i can't wait to play it with him when we're in the studio next week.

have fun. 


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