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26 March 2011

amanda applewood loves boys

"i don't want to think about it. i just want to go out every morning and see birds who have nothing to do with any of it. birds who have their own lives, and their own struggles. and to try to do something for them. they're the only thing that's still lovely to me."

- jonathan franzen


we've got a friend called amanda. amanda applewood. she looks like this.


some of you might already know her because she plays recorder and keyboards with us. although last time we played live she didn't play anything at all. i must speak to her about that. anyway, if you haven't been to see us play live then you might not recognise her. so there she is. amanda applewood.

last year, or perhaps it was the year before, we released a single by her on our too young to die label. it was called pretend (we're in love) and it looked like this.


then we released another one called still smiling and it looked like this.


now, we are releasing a whole album of songs she has recorded. and it looks like this.


it's called i love boys. and it comes out on monday. you can buy it from rough trade, who have made it their album of the week for next week. if you do buy it from there and you're quick about it you get an amanda applewood rosette. which is pretty special.

we hope you like the album. talk soon. take care.




blimey! its about time this came out as a single -
I loved it as a B side yonks ago and if any song
deserved to go Top 10 it's this one
p/s I love girls, just so you know ;)

Cheers! x SQ

Posted by: Shane Quentin | 31 March 2011

Keep continue, I like ur post! So much nice!

Posted by: Nomes Bebes | 17 April 2011

Great post, I love it!

Posted by: Prenoms Garcon | 17 April 2011

I love the album, she is great nothing to say more!

Posted by: nomes femininos | 17 April 2011

Great album

Posted by: jon fitch | 02 June 2011

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