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07 January 2011

a happy new year

"i didn't want to take the christmas lights down until long after christmas was gone. i liked the way that they blinked off and on. it reminded me of how much fun we had together that weekend that we went to las vegas even though we lost so much when we were there. i never expected that leaving those christmas lights up so long would cause us to lose even more of us."

- michael kimball


tonight i've taken all my christmas decorations down. the trees, the tinsel, the bells, the bows, the cards and the polar bear. i guess christmas must finally be over then. i had such an amazing christmas this year. it seemed to last for months. i think we must have started thinking seriously about it in july and it pretty much carried on all the way through to december. i'd never thought about christmas as much as i did this year. about all the different feelings i have at this time of year and the memories i had of growing up. i feel like i know it a lot better now. i guess that's how it is when you make a christmas album. or any album. you end up understanding whatever it is you've written about a little bit more. perhaps that's one of the reasons i write songs. to understand things. i don't know. anyway, whatever it is, we're just writing songs that aren't about christmas now. and i'm looking forward to it.

happy new year.

AND MERRY CHRISTMAS! i just can't help myself. sorry.




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