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16 December 2010

a christmas tour diary part four: winchester to home


oh no. it's over. and we were really enjoying it too. oh. i feel really sad that our little christmas tour has come to an end. thank you to everyone that came out to share a little bit of christmas with us. we had such an amazing time and we hope you did too.

the winchester show on saturday night was lovely. i hadn't been to the railway inn for about ten years and it was so nice to be back there. i think it's becoming a really great venue and winchester is an amazing little city. like a big village with a cathedral. i was so excited on stage at the show that i broke a guiro with a drumstick. clean in half. now it looks like this. which is really sad, but also makes me look quite strong. so.




on the way back home after the winchester show i lost the christmas feeling though. i don't know what happened. it just disappeared. i was worried that maybe i peaked too early and that i'd just used it all up at the beginning of december. i was panicking a bit. thinking that perhaps i wouldn't have any left for the rest of christmas and we had our london show on the tuesday night and i was going to need it for that. i spent the whole of monday wondering where it had gone. i couldn't find it anywhere. i was looking all over, but everywhere i looked it was as if no one else had even started thinking about christmas yet and it had started to rub off on me too. i spent monday night at home waiting for it to come back but it didn't so in the end i just went to bed. worried. when i woke up on tuesday morning and it still wasn't back i decided to take matters in to my own hands. i was going to need something pretty special if i was going to pull myself out of this slump. so on the train in to london on tuesday morning i put the charlie brown christmas soundtrack on my ipod and i closed my eyes and fell asleep. i don't know what happened over the next forty minutes because i was asleep, but when i woke up in marylebone it was back. stronger than ever before. that christmas feeling. it was back. and now that it's back i'm not letting go of it. i can't ever let that happen again.

the london show was everything i hoped it would be. we had an amazing time. i hope everyone there enjoyed it as much as we did. i felt a bit sad having to say goodbye to the candle thieves, who had supported us on all the dates on the tour. they were the sweetest people and i wish we could have gone on a longer tour and taken them with us. my favourite memory of them is from manchester when they did an impromptu version of have yourself a merry little christmas, which sounded even cuter than kermit's version. so amazing. i'm so glad they did the tour.

and now here i am. not on tour. i put my christmas tree up earlier and two out of the three sets of lights didn't work. so now i'm just sitting on my sofa next to a rather disappointing christmas tree watching twenty four hour news on tv. oh hang on a minute, it's the weather. i don't suppose this will be very exciting.... oh um, snow! snow!! SNOW!!!!

uh oh, here we go again.



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