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11 December 2010

a christmas tour diary part three: hamilton


"i'm not funny. what i am is brave."

- lucille ball


we got back from manchester at four o clock yesterday morning and i've only had a couple of hours sleep. so i'm kind of tired. if i spell things wrong i hope you understand. manchester was lovely. it always is. and the crowd were amazing. it was kind of a weird night the night before though. we became stranded at a days inn in hamilton at five o clock in the evening, fifteen miles from glasgow where we were supposed to be playing. we couldn't get any further down the road and we were told that it would take us at least another six hours to get to glasgow and even then we couldn't be sure we would get there at all. we'd been driving for five miles on ice. in the dark. we've never cancelled a show before as far as i can remember and it was horrible to cancel one we were looking forward to so much, but we didn't have any choice in the end. i think we all felt slightly deflated. as the preposterousness of us driving for five hours through increasingly dangerous weather conditions to spend the night at a service station slowly dawned on us. there were people we met there who had been stranded there for the last three days. i was beginning to imagine what life would be like for an indie pop group that stopped at a service station and ended up living there for the rest of their lives, playing shows to the hotel staff and businessmen on overnight trips. it was a bit depressing.

knowing about the snow in scotland, we'd already stocked up on the sorts of things you'd want to eat and drink if you were stuck in a van on a motorway just in case we got stranded. jammie dodgers, crisps and bottles of water. but. we hadn't stocked up on the sorts of things you would want to eat if you were stranded at a days inn miles from anywhere. jammie dodgers, crisps and wine. it's such a small difference, but it's an important one. and it was one we'd completely overlooked. there was no bar at the hotel, and it was looking like being a really long night, until one of the hotel staff mentioned that a thirty minute walk away there was a twenty four hour asda. it would take two exceptionally brave and foolish young men to even consider such a trip in the increasingly deteriorating weather conditions. but luckily we have two such brave and foolish young men in our band. and so, luke, who plays banjo, and ross, who plays drums, set off through the deep snow and the forest (?!!) in search of something that could save us from the darkness of a night spent in the days inn in hamilton when we should have been playing at king tuts in glasgow. wine. forty five minutes later they returned and they weren't just foolish young men to us anymore. i don't know. i guess sometimes you look at people you see every day and for the first time you see the hero in them. 

the rest of the night was the same as it would have been if we hadn't had wine to drink, we sat around watching youtube videos and football highlights and listening to phil collins, but it was definitely made more bearable and in the end actually pretty enjoyable by the actions of two brave young band members who risked their lives for a few bottles of wine. well, maybe not their lives, but it was definitely chilly out. and it can't have been much fun. 

we had a day off today, but on saturday night we're playing in winchester. at the railway inn. it was orginally meant to be the first show of the tour to ease us in, but then we shuffled the tour around and now it feels like the biggest show of our lives.

i'm going to sleep now. sssh.


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