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08 December 2010

a christmas tour diary part two: nottingham to hamilton


"you can't really be strong until you see a funny side to things."

- ken kesey


the snow is definitely getting snowier. on the way up to nottingham there was a light frosty dusting which just made everything look really pretty without it really being a problem getting anywhere. it was like someone had decorated the landscape for a film but none of it was really real. now though we're on our way to glasgow and there is real snow everywhere. it's big budget stuff. we're driving through snow covered mountains as the sun sits on the skyline. there's no getting away from it. scotland is snowy.

and now we've stopped. in hamilton. fifteen miles away from glasgow at a days inn. we won't be able to make it to glasgow. we're really sorry to everyone who bought a ticket for the show. we were really looking forward to the show and we really thought we were going to make it for a while, but then we couldn't get any further down the motorway. we were just driving on ice. in the dark. so now we've stopped. and we're not going anywhere until the morning. sorry.

last night we played in nottingham. at the bodega social club. it was a really lovely show, although we fell apart sometimes. our version of 'faith' last night was probably my favourite time we've played it since we played in chicago. sometimes i like it  when things fall apart. just as long as they fall apart in the right way. anyway, it was our first show of the year so i suppose it's to be expected. sometimes i felt a bit mental going on about christmas during the show too. the audience were amazing, but i'm not sure how christmassy everyone else is feeling yet. it is still only the eighth of december. i don't know anymore. i've been thinking it's nearly christmas since we started recording in august.

before the show we'd been over to bbc nottingham to play some songs for the drivetime show and do some talking and that. it was fun and i think we even sounded okay. you can listen to it again here until next tuesday. then after the show we drove to a hotel that had the central heating turned up so high that this morning when i woke up it felt like someone had been rubbing me with socks while i was asleep.

oh, and i got my first christmas present last night. i haven't opened it yet though. still, i'm excited. perhaps it isn't too early after all.

we're so sad and sorry we're not in glasgow.




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