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25 November 2010

a happy christmas baby



i don't really know what thanksgiving is. because i'm from england and it isn't really something we do over here. but i've just discovered that thanksgiving day is today because no one in america is answering any of my emails and because i looked it up on the internet. oh well, for everyone who doesn't live in america or canada we have an early christmas present for them. it's a song and it's available to download for free from our website or from our facebook page. or um, just above this post.

it's called a happy christmas baby and it's taken from our new album, the boy least likely to christmas special, which is released on monday. although it's actually released on tuesday in america but no one from america will be reading this today because it's thanksgiving day so i don't need to mention tuesday.

happy thanksgiving.



20 November 2010

we are ugly but we have the music


"any song about loneliness is a political song."

- leonard cohen


it's november. i'm watching leonard cohen night on bbc four. i sometimes forget how much i loved these songs when i was fifteen years old. so, some people have written asking what we're listening to so i thought i'd write about all those things.


"all good works are done in the absence of a caress."

- leonard cohen

there have been so many great reissues this year. i must be getting old. the two crass reissues have the best sleevenotes and the bonus tracks are great too. i can't wait to get 'penis envy'. not a sentence i ever thought i'd write but there you go. i got 'the world keeps turning' and 'storyteller' by the razorcuts a couple of weeks ago too. they sound as great as they always did. and i got the new orange juice boxset last week. i can't believe how beautiful it is. there isn't much additional stuff that i didn't already have, but it's so nice to have everything on cd at last. and the packaging is worth getting it for even if you don't like orange juice. the most exciting of all the reissues has got to be the bruce springsteen darkness on the edge of town boxset though. it's always been my favourite springsteen album, and i've written before about how the promise, along with 'thunder road', is my favourite springsteen song. i think i prefer the version that was released before on the eighteen tracks album, but this boxset is still worth getting. i'm so excited about watching the dvd, but i think i need to make a night of it. i'm definitely getting old if i'm excited about that.

i haven't just bought albums i already owned. i've been listening to some new things too. 'port entropy' by shugo tokumaru sounds like a japanese badly drawn boy record. i think it may have come out in april but i've only just got it. anyway, it's really lovely. and the aias album is one of my favourite albums of the year. it sounds like all the talulah gosh songs that amelia didn't sing. but sung in catalan. it's a really special record. elefant have already released two of my favourite records this year in the school album and the oso panda single by papa topo. and now they've done it again.  no sé por qué by band a part is one of the best singles i've heard all year. it hasn't been off my vestax all week. and away from my vestax, i got the new sweater girls and the history of apple pie split cassette. both sides of that are really great, even if i can only listen to them on my walkman on headphones. oh and the new beach fossils single is lovely too. oh god, and the international by hotpants romance. amazing. i want it on cd because i think it might have a really nice sparkly cover, but i've only got a download of it at the moment. and and. the new trembling blue stars album has some of the best songs rob wratten has written on it. i just can't listen to it too much. just the sound of his voice makes me feel so sad. and i just don't want to feel sad at the moment.

um, let's see. anything else to be excited about. er hello, the boy least likely to christmas special comes out a week on monday, tuesday if you live in america. that's something to be excited about. not that i've been listening to it. i'm not that sad.



18 November 2010

christmas isn't christmas

this is just a short blog. nothing to get too excited about. except actually there is something to get excited about. stereogum have made our song christmas isn't christmas available for you all to listen to. the first of many little seasonal gifts we've got for you.

we hope you like the song.


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