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24 August 2010

i need some love like i've never needed love before


rule nine of robert forster's ten rules of rock n roll is "great bands don't have members making solo albums". eek. 'a lot like love' by diving at dawn is the first solo single to come out by one of the boy least likely to. which i guess means we're not a great band according to robert forster's rules. pete wrote it and sang it and played on it and recorded it and everything else it. it's a lovely little record and you can buy it on seven inch if there are any left, which i'm not sure there are, and you should be able to download it soon from everywhere you usually download things from too. oh well, i never thought we were great anyway. or maybe the rule doesn't apply to us because we're not a rock n roll band. we're a pop group. there are probably different rules for us. i'm not sure i agree with all of the rules anyway. rule two is "the second last song on every album is the weakest", which definitely isn't right. that would mean that geno off searching for the young soul rebels was the weakest song on the album, and til i die off surf's up. felicity, there is a light that never goes out, i can't get no satisfaction thank god. all second to last songs. all the best songs on the albums they're on.

as well as making solo records, we've also been in the studio together. which has been nice. we'll be recording a new album as the boy least likely to over the next couple of months. most of it is already written. i'll write more about it as it comes together. it's nice to be doing things. and i promise i'll try and write more blog entries from now on too. i've just been so busy writing the words for this new record, i haven't had time for anything else.

life has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you think everything is okay.