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12 June 2010

there but for fortune



parrot fortune.jpg



so. i had my fortune told by a parrot. i was walking along the south bank last weekend and i found a woman sitting at a little stall with two parrots perched in front of her. i asked if the parrots could tell me my fortune and the woman said they could and asked me which parrot i wanted to have tell it to me. i chose jenny the parrot, the yellow one on the left in picture. and then jenny the parrot picked a bit of paper out of the fortune tray for me with her beak and handed it to the woman, who then handed it to me.

i think the fortune begins fairly accurately. i might not be that young anymore, but i do love singing, even though i'm not that good at it always. i've mostly enjoyed being in love too. and it's good to know that i get to beat it if it ever stands in my way. and i'm quite excited about being alive for so long. i've always thought i'd quite like being old because i like doing crosswords but i never have enough time to do them. so it's nice to know i live until i'm eighty four. i'll have time to read all the books i never have time to read too.

i don't really believe in marriage so it was a surprise to know that i end up getting married. and i don't know anyone called georgia at the moment, so i guess i haven't met my wife yet. i really hope we get on. i guess i should be excited about that. i hope i don't call her george though. i don't think i'd like to marry a george.

and apparently the numbers along the bottom should win me the lottery at the weekend. so all in all, the future looks quite bright for me now. i can relax. there's plenty of time to make this third album. i don't need to worry about dying before it's finished. it really is a weight off my mind.



jofs fortune.jpg





Maybe someone should tell those parrots they are actually budgies lol great blog x

Posted by: Chris | 12 June 2010

I don't have anything against fortune telling but for me I think no one really can tell what the future holds. It's basically you who makes your future. Apart from being afraid what the future brings, I'd rather stick to the present and be happy about it. :-) Anyway, it was fun though!

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Posted by: jinnifer | 03 November 2010

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