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22 April 2010

a fairytale ending


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we're releasing a little ep this week. it's a download only thing at the moment but it is available all over the world. so that's something. this week you can only buy it from itunes, but it'll be available on all the other sites next week. it's called the a fairytale ending ep, because the first song on there is that one. and then it's got three other songs on there too. one of them is the summer of a dormouse, which was released as a seven inch by for us last year. and the other two songs are ones you won't have heard anywhere before that we recorded in the last sessions for the law of the playground. this is what's on it then.

a fairytale ending
the summer of a dormouse
my country heart
happy to be myself

this is the link to buy it from itunes in the usa.

The Boy Least Likely To - A Fairytale Ending EP - A Fairytale Ending

and this is the link to buy it from itunes in the uk.

The Boy Least Likely To - A Fairytale Ending - EP - A Fairytale Ending

we could go on listing all the countries in the world and providing little links for them, but it seems silly. you're big enough to find things on your own now.

we hope you like the songs you haven't heard before, and that you still like the ones you already knew.





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