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13 January 2010

sometimes i like it in films when people just sit there, not saying anything


life is full of little disappointments and i had a massive one last week. on friday i went down to the ica to see the limits of control. i was so excited about it because i've never seen a jim jarmusch film i didn't like. and i've seen three that i absolutely love. i think if i had to plump for a favourite director then jim jarmusch would be it. but the limits of control was um, a little disappointing. it's the first film of his i didn't really like, and it makes me sad just saying that. i don't ever expect much to happen in a jim jarmusch film, and when it does i expect it to happen really slowly, but the limits of control ended up going nowhere at all and it was really really boring. when i was at school i was always told not to use the word "boring" to describe things i'd seen or read, but i can't think of a more suitable adjective for this film. apart from perhaps "tedious", "tiresome" or "dull". i nearly fell asleep three times and i had to eat three bars of chocolate just to try and stay awake. i kept hoping, right up until the credits started rolling, that at some point something would happen that would make it all make sense and make watching the rest of the film seem worth it, but nothing ever did happen. it just ended. and i left the cinema feeling a bit wired and sick.

i spent the next few days trying to remember something redeemable about it, and there are a few things that i liked, and for anyone who like his films they kind of make it worth watching anyway. but only just. these are the things that are amazing in it. firstly, youki kudoh is in it. and she's brilliant, and it's nice to see her again because she's so trying and lovable as mitsuko in the first segment of mystery train. secondly, the character that paz de la huerta plays is great, and when she falls asleep next to the lone man it is quite funny and sweet. and isaach de bankole is good as the lone man who doesn't speak spanish, but it just kept reminding of how i haven't watched ghost dog in ages, and how great he is in that and how good ghost dog is and how dreadful the limits of control is. and lastly, the out rock soundtrack featuring boris and sunn o))) is probably the best soundtrack to a jim jarmusch film since dead man. it still rings in your ears long after the film has ended. but i was so thankful when the film ended.

weird. i seem to be doing amateur film reviews now.


Nice =)

Posted by: Victor | 13 January 2010

every time i go see a film, i get myself really excited and i always leave disappointed, because it never quite lives up to my imagination. so my favorite films are the ones i usually know nothing about.

Posted by: Holly | 28 February 2010

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