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13 October 2009

no rainbows for me


i was a dj last night for a while. upstairs at the heavenly social. it's their birthday this month. they're ten. i don't think my dj set went too badly. apart from perhaps when i played kenickie's version of save your kisses for me. someone came up and looked at me like i was mental. i think he thought i was playing the original. his reaction threw me slightly. i didn't dare play tracey ullman after that. my cds starting skipping between songs at one point too, which was a bit embarrassing. it jumped from i can't get no satisfaction (thank god) by talulah gosh straight into vivid youth, which sounded a bit mad. hopefully people just thought i was doing some clever cassette boy style cut ups though. 

anyway, in the end i had a very enjoyable evening, and i even got to see a bit of saint etienne playing downstairs. i only saw a couple of songs because obviously i'm a dj and i have responsibilities to my dancefloor, so i couldn't leave my turntables for too long, but it was great to see them in such a small venue. they were playing the whole of their new foxbase beta album which richard x has remixed. it's pretty much foxbase alpha with extra handclaps and a bit more sparkly, but it's still lovely to have an excuse to listen to it again. not that you should need an excuse.

anyway, hopefully one day i might get to be a dj again. and until then i'll just keep pretending and hope that someone somewhere might be listening.


ps. click here for something fun to buy. i'll write more about it next week, but i'm excited about it and i couldn't wait.



Skipping in the middle of the songs is not good, but other than that it sounds like you had it under control.

Posted by: foreign pharmacies online | 16 October 2009

I think if you're really not a dj, perfection is to be least expected from you. Its okay, at least you were able to handle it. On the other hand, what matters most is you were able to have fun during the whole night. Other than that, nothing else really matters.

Posted by: Short Sales in Las Vegas | 12 December 2009

The main thing is to memorize all the vivid and really positive moments of your youth.

Posted by: City of hotels | 17 March 2010

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Quite an amusing story) You seem to have had fun being a dj! I'd love to have such experience, too. But I'm too afraid of being criticized for playing as a noob ;)

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