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08 September 2009

the hits would be so nice but they just don't come


i went to see the pastels and tenniscoats last night at the bush hall. it was such a lovely evening. everything off the new album sounded really beautiful. especially 'vivid youth', 'mou mou rainbow', and the bit when stephen pastel first comes in in 'song for a friend'. and katrina sang 'the viaduct' and 'start slowly so we sound like a loch'. i think she's probably the best female singer in the world right now, along with tracyanne campbell and liz from the school. which reminds me, camera obscura should have been nominated for the mercury music prize for 'my maudlin career', but they weren't and i think that's wrong. anyway, it was a really special night and i've got the badge to prove it.

we're playing a couple of festivals this weekend. first on saturday we're playing in the afternoon at the end of the road festival in dorset, and then on sunday we're sailing over to the isle of wight to play bestival. i'm excited. i just hope everyone else is. we were going to be supporting the lemonheads next wednesday too, but we're not anymore because it's been cancelled. which is annoying because i was really looking forward to it. if anyone was thinking of coming we're very sorry. it wasn't our fault. someone else closed the london paper.

anyway, i'm tired now. i just wanted to write something about the pastels and tenniscoats while i remembered because it was so amazing.

i'm sorry i've written so infrequently over the summer. i just haven't been full of words. hopefully i'll have more in me in the autumn.



any writing is much enjoyed, even if infrequent xx

Posted by: caroline | 08 September 2009

it's great article about festival thank you very much

Posted by: issa | 09 September 2009

I agree with Caroline. Any writing is better than 0 posts. Will check back often. Enjoy your writing style.

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Good post and btw how did the festivals go? Hope you guys had a great time during the weekend? We are glad that you immediately wrote down here about the tenniscoats. Thanks for sharing this info with us.


Posted by: Las Vegas Real Estate | 16 September 2009

You sound worn out. Music is definitely a difficult business. I was at it for years. Hopefully your joy is in the playing. Have a great time at the festivals... and keep writing!

Posted by: Homes For Sale In Del Mar | 15 October 2009

Still it’s updated. Festivals are good topic to stumble upon most especially if you really have enjoyed what you just did. At the same time, it’s the time of the year you’re hooked up with different schedules to show what talent you’ve got. Keep it up and hope to hear from you soon.

Posted by: Las Vegas Short Sale Agent | 27 October 2009

It's fun being able to participate in festivals. You get to meet a lot of people and interact with them in different ways. Furthermore, talents are being showcased (which is a plus factor most especially you are a participant). Then and there, talents are being enhanced. What a great way to have fun.

Posted by: Short sale Agent in Las Vegas | 11 November 2009

How i wish I could have the same kind of fun as you did. It's not usual to have some activity such as that in festivals from which you don't have to think of work. Or, it may be considered as work yet it has that fun factor in it.

Posted by: Avoid foreclosure in Las Vegas | 20 November 2009

I envy you. It's not all the time I get out and have fun like that. Too busy with work and lots of things to do. Although, I must also admit, I like the things I do but in comparison to the things you've been involved with, lucky you!

Posted by: Short Sales in Las Vegas | 26 November 2009

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