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12 August 2009

a wrong turn and raindrops


"chance contains an element of order. like a game of tennis, chance depends on the net and lines of order to play. chance is the playful side of order. with two perfect tennis players - two totally consistent, rational, perfect players, there would be no game - no variety, no winners and losers. it is imperfection, randomness, chance that makes the game possible, makes life possible, makes happiness possible."

- luke rhinehart


i think i've invented a new game. it hasn't got a name and i haven't actually played it yet, but i think it might be fun. there aren't many rules. all you have to do is go to a train station and wait until there is a platform announcement and then you have to buy a ticket and go to the platform and get on whatever train is announced. it's probably more fun at the bigger london terminals, but you can basically play it anywhere. this morning for example, i went to the station in wendover and the first train that was announced was the one to marylebone from platform one. i wanted to get that train anyway, so it wasn't that thrilling. but then on my way home, as i was coming down the escalator into liverpool street station, there was an announcement for a train to ipswich on platform eight. if i'd been playing the game i would have had to get on that train and spend the night in ipswich. imagine that. but i wasn't playing. i hadn't even thought of it yet. so i just got the central line to oxford circus and changed there for the bakerloo line up to marylebone. but that's the game basically. i haven't really got time to play it myself at the moment, because we're recording and writing songs and that, but if anyone else wants to play it i'd love to know if it's any fun. you could spend whole days or weeks playing it. you go to your first station and you wait there until a train is announced and then you have to go to wherever that train is going, and then when you get there you have to wait for another train to be announced and then you go to wherever that train is going and so on and so on until weeks later you've been all the way round the country. or just backwards and forwards between victoria and croydon.

i'm worried that this might be a game that everyone else plays all the time but i just don't know about it. a bit like that time i invented major league baseball.



I know of a family who do something like that with their holidays at the airport. The four of them turn up at the airport and ask for 4 seats on the next flight out, to return a week later. They never know if they are going somewhere hot or cold!

Posted by: Michelle | 12 August 2009

the second i have a free weekend i'm going to try this. i might end up on mars. x

Posted by: caroline | 28 August 2009

I can see there being a lot less with involving trains for this game. How would you know how to pack with the airport version? I'd be curious to find out how many people already participate in such games. Very intriguing way to travel.

Posted by: Blane | 29 August 2009

If only your game could catch on everywhere.. Then when you tell people you invented it, no one will believe you LOL.

Posted by: Google Fortune | 23 September 2009

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