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14 May 2009

home after three weeks away


i haven't written anything for a few weeks. i couldn't write anything after my friend asked me if i ever thought that perhaps i might have a certain amount of words in my brain, and that that was all the words i would be able to use for my whole life. and he asked me if i was worried that i might be using them all up writing blogs and tweets and answering emails and that i wouldn't have any left when it came to writing the next album. so for a few weeks i wanted to write some more lyrics, just so there's something for the next album if i suddenly run out.

there's a documentary on wuthering heights by sylvia plath on bbc four in fifteen minutes which i wanted to watch, but i just wanted to write something today, because if i didn't write something it might be another week before i did, and i would start thinking that after a month of not writing anything the next blog i wrote would have to be spectacular because i wouldn't have written anything for a while. and i just can't live up to those sort of expectations.

i never could.





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