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27 April 2009

another new video


we've made a new video. except we didn't really make it. we got jayne videheecharoen to make it for us. we're not in this one. we thought it would be nice if the knitted bird had a video all of its own. something to show its grandchildren.

we hope you like it



When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade from The Boy Least Likely To on Vimeo.



14 April 2009

our new album comes out today in the usa


 excitingly, from today you will be able to buy our brand new album the law of the playground on cd from all good record stores across america and online from insound.

there is also a limited edition vinyl of the album
also available at insound if you click the link below

it is also available to download from itunes and napster and all the usual places where you might go for that sort of thing

click the little button below to buy it from itunes usa

The Boy Least Likely To - The Law of the Playground

if you don't live anywhere near the usa then you can buy it from the rough trade shop and they will happily ship your cds anywhere in the world for you. it also comes with a limited edition seven track bonus cd of the best b sides ever.

11 April 2009

how to make an album cover part two



we'd already finished the knitted bird a month or two earlier, but now we wanted to build something for him to get around in. as we often felt under attack while we were recording the album, we thought it might be nice for him to have something armoured and protective so we decided to build him a tank.

to build the tank we used

1 large shoe box

1 small shoe box

a washing up liquid bottle

a small bit of wood approximately 6"x4"

6 cans of various green spray paints

10 tins of pineapple

10 cotton reels

a roll of corrugated cardboard

various nuts and bolts

a light switch

first of all we bolted the small shoe box to the top of the larger one. then we cut a hole in the top of the small shoe box and attached the small bit of wood to make a liftable door for the tank hatch. we cut off the top of a washing up liquid bottle and attached it onto the roof of the tank using glue. we decided that a sink plunger would make a good gun for the front so we made another hole in the front of the small shoe box and pushed the plunger through, fixing it on the inside with an elaborate wire mechanism so that it tilts upwards slightly. this was the main section of the tank complete. next we needed to build the wheels.


for this we used ten tins of pineapple, emptied out. and ten old cotton reels. we held the wheels together with corrugated cardboard and strong parcel tape, which we thought gave the wheels a suitable caterpillar track effect. the wheel sections were then securely bolted on to the main section of the tank. after that, all that was left was to paint it.


the tank took about two weeks to build in all. we kept having to spray paint it over and over again and then the shop we bought our spray paint from kept running out of the colours that we'd used last time so we'd have to do the whole thing again.


it wasn't really that complicated. it just took a long time because it's actually quite big. i was weirdly proud of it when we'd finished. i still am. i never made anything as great when i was at school. it feels like we might have finally lived up to the potential we showed when we were children.






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