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28 March 2009

the tour of the playground part four

the tour of the playground is over now. for the moment at least. on wednesday we played in southampton. at the joiners. it was nice to be back there again, and we were even allowed upstairs in to the backstage area this time. we've never been allowed upstairs before. perhaps the venue thinks we're more successful than we actually are or perhaps if you play there a certain number of times you automatically gain access to the upstairs. like a secret level on a computer game.

then on thursday night we finished off the tour with a show at cargo in london. our last night with the school as well. it was weird not seeing them on friday. it's been so lovely watching them play and sitting around with them. i think we set up our best shop ever on thursday night in london. i'd been proud of it in bristol and southampton too, but all our hard work over the last week and a half seemed to finally come together in london. i'll miss playing shops too. perhaps i should get a job in a shop, seeing as how i enjoyed it so much. i think it would have to be a shop that sold things i like though. i don't think i'd be happy selling sports equipment or mobile phones. perhaps a record shop.

the show at cargo was one of my favourite ever shows, and it was especially nice because it was london and sometimes london shows can be difficult. something to do with the expectations i suppose. we didn't make too many mistakes. i sang the wrong words in fur soft as fur but no one seemed to mind. pete tried successfully to confuse me by playing smoke on the water in the middle of faith, and amanda applewood confused everyone by bringing custard tarts to throw out to the crowd. she's out of practice with the cakes. no one wants to try and catch custard, even if it is in a pastry case. we couldn't get the bubble machines working at all, so in the end nowhere on the tour got bubbles. sorry. anyway, i really enjoyed the show and hopefully everyone who came enjoyed it too.

and then on friday morning i was left feeling a little bit lost. i guess i've been thinking about the album and the tour for so long now, that i don't know what to do with myself now that it's finished. not to worry, the album comes out in america in two weeks so i've got all that to look forward to. now let's see, i wonder where we should take the tour of the playground next.



take it to brazil!

Posted by: pedro | 03 April 2009

Smoke on the water in the middle of Faith? It sounds funny.
Take the tour to Brazil, you have fans here :D !

Posted by: lah | 05 April 2009

Montreal would be so awesome! The Osheaga festival in August would be nice...
Love both your records...

Posted by: Olivier | 05 April 2009

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