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17 March 2009

the tour of the playground part one


we played in leeds tonight. at the cockpit. the first night of the tour. nothing very exciting to report. pete was inexplicably sick about an hour before we went on. a bit weird. luckily he wasn’t sick while we were on stage. we did thirteen songs in all. quite a few new ones. the set tomorrow in manchester will probably be completely different. our new emerald green shimmer curtain back drop looked lovely we think. we forgot the helium for the balloons though so there weren't any of them sadly, and we forgot the bubble machines too. sorry leeds. we might not have been allowed to use them anyway.

we had lots of fun new things to sell so i got to play shops with the school. new badges and new t shirts and we do bags now too. so much fun. the school were amazing tonight. it's lovely to have them on tour with us, even if they do order pizza in to the travel lodge secretly and don't share it. i'm so excited about their album now.

i didn't get a chance to eat because there was too much to do. so today all that i've eaten is one packet of salt and vinegar hula hoops (i did buy two, but i sold one packet to stef our sound engineer), one packet of mini ice gems, one packet of cadburys tasters, a packet of cheese and onion crisps and some mini choc chip cookies. i'm actually quite hungry now so i might just have to go to sleep. what i would have given for some pizza.




i still can't believe that you didn't want to be my penpal.

Posted by: jenn | 20 March 2009

well, i didn't say i didn't. i just thought you were joking. you start by writing to us.


Posted by: the boy least likely to | 20 March 2009

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