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13 February 2009

friday the thirteenth


i risked taking the train into london this morning. i walked around the west end for a bit and nothing bad seemed to happen to me so i guess i should think myself lucky. i'm quite relieved to be back home again now. i still have quite a few hours to go though, and i've got a party to go to tonight. i don't think i’ll really be safe to relax until midnight.

i suppose if i think about it i am quite superstitious. i don't walk under ladders. i don't put umbrellas up indoors and i try to remember not to put my shoes on the table, especially new ones. i wish on birthday cake candles. i don't walk over three drains in a row, and if i do i have to walk backwards over them again to undo the bad luck. i freak out around mirrors for fear of breaking them. i broke one once when i was about ten, and i think it explains my whole experience of the education system until i went to college. i salute magpies but i never know about black cats, whether it's supposed to be good or bad luck if one crosses your path, so i don't worry about them too much. i don't use matches that have been struck unsuccessfully three times. if i see a penny i pick it up. i throw salt over my shoulder if i spill it. i touch wood whenever i need to. haha, i've never noticed how rude that sounds before. oh well, it is valentines day tomorrow. all in all, now that i've listed them all i think definitely i am superstitious.

weirdly though, i'm not triskaidekaphobic. i've never been that superstitious about the number thirteen. our studio is even number thirteen, and there are thirteen tracks on our new album. although i do apparently suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia, a fear of friday the thirteenth. that's a different thing altogether. and there's one in march and november this year as well. i don't usually leave the house on friday the thirteenth if i can help it, but i've got things to do that have to be done today. oh well. wish me luck.

just seven hours til i'm safe again. touch wood.


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