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10 February 2009

my fists are balled up in the pockets of my anorak

"I'm trying to balance on an upturned milk crate
as i fumble with my catapult
and my hands are trembling as i try to aim it
every goliath has its david."

it's stopped snowing now and everything has just turned slushy and brown. i hate watching snow melt. it's so depressing. it almost makes me wish it hadn't snowed at all. except i always get excited when it snows. i wonder if people who live in places that have snow all year round still get excited about snow. i suppose maybe not, because i live somewhere where it's often quite overcast and i'm not excited about clouds and light rain. but then snow is a lot more magical and you can make things out of it, but then again i don't suppose you'd want to build snowmen all year round and after a while you'd probably get used to everything being covered in snow. it would probably be more exciting when it melted, because people who live in places that have snow all year round probably forget what pavements and rooftops look like. i don't know, i just wish it snowed more often where i live because everything familiar disappears under it for a few days and it feels like being on holiday in my own village.

so, i should probably mention that we've put a new song up on our myspace page. pitchfork wrote a bit about it and put it up on there yesterday too, which was very kind of them. it's called every goliath has its david, and it's one side of our new single, which is coming out in a couple of weeks. we've made a video for it too and we'll try and post that up somewhere next week. it's a song about fighting, but then most of our songs are.

i hope you like it



try to live in a place where there is no snow at all! we only get flurries if we're lucky. really really lucky. all we have is clouds and rain.

i haven't seen snow in a while, i really really miss it. i love snowflakes, i love how snow covers houses and makes it look like a postcard. it makes me sad when snow turns all dirty though.

anyway, i'm glad you updated your blog even though you are busy and all. and i'm very excited for the video!

Posted by: elena | 10 February 2009

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