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29 January 2009

best week ever

so. in july of last year sara schaefer at best week ever compiled a list of the thirty most adorable covers of all time and our album cover for the best party ever came second, beaten only by the cover for the john denver and the muppets album, which i didn't mind losing to because i love that record, and any cover featuring a country music legend and the muppets is going to be difficult to top. although amanda applewood would probably think it should be top of the list of the most frightening album covers of all time, because the muppets genuinely scare her.

and if it wasn't exciting enough coming second last summer, imagine how happy we were when we appeared on the best week ever website again with the artwork for our new album the law of the playground, along with suggestions that we battle it out with john denver now to decide who is the ultimate champion. 

anyway, it's all very nice and makes all the hours we spent spray painting shoe boxes and pineapple tins seem worth it. two of the top thirty covers are in my top ten favourite albums of all time so i guess i must be drawn to albums with adorable covers, and here are two adorable album covers that didn't make the list that i'd include on mine. iced to mode by misty dixon and unreleased cutz and live jamz by the moldy peaches.


iced to mode big.jpg


moldy peaches big.jpg


as the gauntlet has been thrown down, and as i'm working on the artwork for the best b sides ever compilation over the weekend with my brother, who does all our drawings, we're going to have to see if we can't do a third "adorable" album cover now that beats them all.



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