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07 January 2009

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to


i got an ipod nano for christmas and i'm very excited about it. my old 32gb ipod is almost full and it was beginning to present me with some problems. basically i could never put it on shuffle and just leave it because it had too many complete albums on it and there were certain artists that dominated the pod. so if i put it on shuffle it would, within one or two songs pick an album track by either felt, the tindersticks or lee hazelwood or by all three of them in any order, or it would pick a demo version of one of our songs, because i use my ipod to check mixes and write words to, and that isn't going to get any party started.

but all that is going to be different with my new ipod nano. there'll be no complete albums on it, just individual songs. so that when i put it on shuffle it always hits a song i recognise and want to hear. so far i've put 157 songs on it, which means there's still space for about 1843 more songs. i had originally intended on calling it 'the party pod', but after i tried it out at the weekend in a party situation i think perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it 'the shuffle pod', just because i'm not sure how many other people would want to go to a party where my ipod nano was providing the music. and that's probably fair enough. 'no distance left to run' by blur isn't suitable for any sort of celebratory moment.

now, i just need to think of another 1843 songs that would get a party started before my birthday comes around.



I made a party mix for New Year's Eve, and it was met with disdain by my fellow partiers. They didn't even want to party to Be Gentle With Me! They just demanded mid 90s pop trash that reminded them of their collective childhood, and my lovingly crafted mix was cast aside.

But oh well, bringing in the new year with S Club 7 isn't all bad.

Posted by: Liam | 07 January 2009

i think that's such a lovely idea, i have quite a bit of songs on my ipod (16,000+) and probably need to clean it out. oh, demos! i am curious, i hope you post them one day. i really, really love your music and was going to write a very long love letter to it but i haven't had the time yet (or the words to express my adoration!) anyway, the nanos are cute, i want one even though it would be only for appearance's sake which is horrible. i love that they come in every colour. which colour do you have?

have a lovely day xx

Posted by: elena | 11 January 2009

mine's yellow because it's my favourite colour. i want a red one that would only have white stripes videos and songs on too. but that's a distant dream for now.


Posted by: the boy least likely to | 11 January 2009

hey, you never answered my question about the colour of your ipod...

Posted by: Kathy | 12 January 2009

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