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02 January 2009

new year's honours


it was like christmas morning all over again this morning. i got a big parcel through the post from maria at fuzzy logic and matt from the bicycles. it's a very exciting thing. it had five copies of the new bicycles album in, a copy of the bicycles dvd board game, a copy of the prairie cat album and an album by peter project, a merry christmas to me mix cd from matt and maria and a fuzzy logic recordings compilation. i'm just listening to the bicycles album now and it sounds amazing. i'll have to stay in all day now.

seeing as i'm staying in all day i might as well do something productive, and pete sent me an email yesterday with his top nine albums of last year so i thought it would be nice to share it with someone. i don't think he could think of a tenth album.

this is pete's top nine. two albums share the number one spot and he's used capital letters for the second year running.


1. Bon Iver – For Emma, forever Ago

    Beck – Modern Guilt

3. She and Him – Volume 1

3. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Lie Down In The Light

4. Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreak

5. Monkey – Journey To The West

6. Peter Broderick - Home

7. David Holmes – The Holy Pictures

8. The John Baker Tapes Vol 1: BBC Radiophonics 1963-1974


and this is my top nine. the bicycles album is at number nine because i love it already, but i think it would be wrong to put it any higher after only two listens. by next week it could be higher up. it was difficult to decide the order between the top three. i loved the css album. it reminded me of waking up hungover, covered in bruises with sick in my hair. it's number three on my list of 'all time favourite albums about what happens when the party's over and it's all breaking up', after 'this is hardcore' by pulp and 'get in' by kenickie. i kind of expected to like the css album because i liked the first one so much, but the hold steady album was a complete surprise. i guess from now on it'll always be just one of those records that i fell in love with one summer. in the end though, i played the top three albums one after another and the vivian girls album won. there isn't a prize or anything though.


1. vivian girls – vivian girls

2. cansei de ser sexy - donkey

3. hold steady – stay positive

4. los campesinos! – hold on now, youngster

5. neon neon – stainless style

6. minisnap – bounce around

7. headless heroes – silence of love

8. deerhoof - offend maggie

9. the bicycles – oh no, it's love


at number ten i did have the manhattan love suicides album, 'burnt out landscapes', but as pete only sent me a list of nine albums i thought i'd only do a list of nine, and then because it was a compilation of singles and rarities i thought perhaps it didn't really count anyway. i do love it though. 

and my favourite song of the year was 'let's wrestle' by let's wrestle.

i haven't made any new years resolutions. all i want to try and do is release some records. i think we'll begin with a single in february... and then an album in march... and then perhaps a tour in march too. i think that'd be nice.

happy new year. 



Hey! You won't believe but last night i dreamed that you were my friend. Yeah, it was really cool but i think it doesn't make any sense.

Come to Brazil!

Posted by: Murilo | 07 January 2009

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