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09 December 2008

when bagpuss goes to sleep


"so once again, ivor was left by himself. he was quite used to
being left by himself, but today it seemed different."
- from ivor the engine, 'the lost engine'.

oliver postgate has died. it's very sad. he created and narrated some of the most beautiful and thoughtful and magical televison programmes ever made. i don't know what else to write, all i know is that i wouldn't see the world the way i do if it hadn't been for him.

i wanted to post some clangers and some bagpuss and some pogles wood here, but i've spent the last two hours trying to choose which episodes and in the end the list got too long. so i'm just posting one. this is my favourite episode from my favourite of all the tv programmes that he and peter firmin made, ivor the engine.

"in our time we had been able to found great kingdoms of mountains, ice and snow in our cowsheds. in peter's big barn
we commanded infinities of outer space and starred it with heavenly bodies made from old christmas decorations."
– oliver postgate


Guys, as always you were fab last night. I realised it was the fourth time I'd seen you this year yet I have loved every time - there are bands I adore that always disappoint live (ahem Shins) but you look like you are enjoying it as much as the rest of us.

Can't wait until the March release! Chin up for 2009

Posted by: Oz | 16 December 2008

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