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05 December 2008

the days are just packed

i really wanted to write about some things that i've been meaning to write about for ages, but i've been too busy writing about myself to do it. things i've been listening to and that.

firstly, amanda applewood, the keyboard and recorder player for the boy least likely to, is releasing a solo single in january. you can hear one of the tracks from it at her myspace


and i think she'll be putting up some other songs in the next few weeks too. anyway, i think you should go and listen to it and make friends with her, because she'd like that.

i've also been listening to a band called versus the lion! who made friends with us on myspace and i liked their artwork so i listened to them and i haven't stopped since. my favourite song of theirs is on their myspace. it's called 'lions on the lawn' and it seems to be all about running away to canada and how there aren't any lions there. i don't know how true this is. they kind of remind me of the orchids sometimes and pavement, but it's not as simple as that. they're a bit of a mess really, and that song is one of my favourite songs of the year. they have two christmas songs up on their myspace page at the moment too. everyone's doing it. you can listen to them here


and you can download a whole ep of songs from their myspace page too, including 'lions on the lawn'.

i picked up a couple of new things in rough trade this month too. i got my copy of 'another version of pop song' by rose elinor dougall, which means i can worry a little less now, and i picked up a copy of little my's seventh single. i already had a copy of 'sellotape my hands' because i won a prize drawing on their website and they sent me a cdr in with it. i saw them play when we were at the swn festival. they sounded great, but i was kind of behind them so i couldn't see exactly how many of them there were or what sort of ears they were wearing and then afterwards i wanted to say thank you for the cdr and the drawing but there were too many of them and i didn't know who knew about the drawing so i didn't say anything and felt bad about it afterwards. i bought a copy of a single by one happy island called 'secret party that the other party doesn't know about' too just because the description said it included "handclaps, ukulele strings, harmonicas, bittersweetly jangley ballads, furiously unfocused kazoo solos, and unashamed lo-fi recordings", which is quite similar to the way that the little my record was described as being "gloriously lo-fi ramshackle pop with handclaps, glockenspiel, and irresistibly catchy melodies". i think they might be on the same label too. anyway, the descriptions are true and they would both make amazing christmas presents. but not for me, because i've already got them.


finally, the line up for the christmas show has changed slightly. unfortunately mia vigar has had to pull out but fortunately rod thomas is playing instead. lovely.


tickets are available from www.ticketweb.co.uk

and finally, as we come back with a new single so our very own tribute act returns with us. the girl most likely to has put up her version of 'a balloon on a broken string' on her myspace page, and very very lovely it is too. it makes it sound so sad though.


i'll write about myself again soon.


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