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01 December 2008

a christmas song and a christmas video

i'm so excited about christmas. as i mentioned last week, we've got a new single coming out. you can listen to it now on our website or on our myspace or facebook pages. it's actually the first new single to be given a full release since 'be gentle with me' came out the first time, because everything else has been a reissue of one of our earlier singles or given away free, and i guess that's why i'm so excited about it coming out. it isn't a novelty record. it's a song that we absolutely love, and we knew when we wrote it that we wanted to release it as a single, but it just happens to be about snow and have sleigh bells on it so we thought it would sound a bit weird being released at any other time of the year. we got to the end of october and we just wanted to record something and release it as soon as possible, and this was the song that meant we didn't have to wait until the new year.

then because it was going to be a single we thought we'd better make a video for it. unfortunately it wasn't snowing in wendover in november, so we had to drive all the way up to the very top of scotland in search of snow, and the video follows us in our ever hopeful quest. you can watch it here.

i think it might be quite a sad song even if it ends quite happily. i guess all my favourite christmas songs have a little bit of sadness in them, because even though christmas is a lovely time, it can also be quite a sad time too. at christmas, you always notice the things that are missing, whether it's someone that isn't around or just a feeling that you used to have that you don't have anymore.

so this is 'the first snowflake', a little pop song about feeling lost and alone at christmas. i hope it makes you happy and i hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did recording it for you.

it will be available to buy in the UK and the USA on december 15th.

merry christmas and a happy new year.


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