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25 November 2008

champagne and strawberries


hooray! we won! we won! our new single, 'the first snowflake' is mark radcliffe and stuart maconie's record of the week on radio two. a big thank you to everyone that voted for us. it's so exciting. mark radcliffe and stuart maconie seemed quite surprised that we'd won, because i think they thought franz ferdinand or headless heroes would. i hope they don't mind that we did. you can hear them play it every night this week between eight o clock and ten o clock on bbc radio two. thank you.

there are some other results that need announcing. i am quite excited to be able to reveal to anyone that doesn't know already that the revel eviction that i wrote about in august has finally taken place. it might actually have taken place a while ago, but the limited edition packets only appeared in the shops in wendover this week. in the end it was the coffee one that got evicted. no surprise there. it's been replaced temporarily by a strawberry one. i had to eat nearly all of the packet to find out because there was only one in there, and i thought at first that it had been replaced by a turkish delight flavour, but that turned out to be a raisin. i really like the strawberry one, it kind of reminds me of a strawberry fruit poppet, and it meant that i didn't have to worry about eating a flavour i didn't like. but at the same time i did find it all a lot less thrilling than it used to be when the coffee one was in there, just because the danger had gone out of it a little bit.

i did my first interview in a while last week. it was odd, a bit like going back to school and trying to use a pen after the summer holidays. i settled in eventually though. it's nice to be back. you can read it over at stereogum, where they're also streaming 'the first snowflake'. i should point out that we are not the same 'the boy least likely to' that posted the comment "this should be amazing" underneath the interview. although i do think it'll be amazing too.

i can't remember if i've mentioned it before, but as well as releasing our new single on december 15th, we're also playing a special christmas show in london, at the hoxton bar and kitchen. tickets are available from ticketweb and cost £7.50 each. the school and mia vigar are playing before us, so i think it's going to be a lovely night.


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