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21 November 2008

a christmas secret

we're releasing a new single on december 15th, just in time for christmas. it's called 'the first snowflake'. we weren't going to mention it until december, because we didn't want it to be like when you put your christmas tree up too early and then by the time it gets to christmas all the pine needles have fallen off, but then mark radcliffe played the single last night on radio two and we couldn't keep it a secret anymore. it was ever so nice of him to play it, and now that it's been played we want it to be played again, so we need everyone to vote for it to be record of the week so that it gets played next week too. we won't be putting the song up anywhere else until the beginning of december, so if you want to hear it you'll have to vote for it and then they'll play it every night on the radio. which would be so exciting.

you can actually hear a tiny bit of the song by clicking here and you can listen to all the other songs too. i really like all the other songs that we're competing against, especially 'the north wind blew south' by headless heroes, which is one of my favourite songs off one of my favourite albums of the year, but hopefully you might like our song the most and if you do then you can vote for it by emailing the show and telling them you like ours best.


i really hope you like it. happy christmas.


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