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13 November 2008

must be the clouds in my eyes


we saw daniel from x factor yesterday. he was coming out of a newsagents round the corner from shoreditch high street. pete wasn't at all excited about seeing him, but i was. embarrassingly so. he was only a few feet away, and i just stared straight at him and shook nervously. i think he saw me, i wasn't at all collected or subtle about it.

just to explain, in case anyone doesn't live in the uk or does but has better things to do on a saturday night than eat takeaway pizza and watch tv talent shows, daniel evans is a contestant on the x factor, which is a tv show that is quite similar to pop idol and american idol, except groups and old people can compete in it too. daniel is a pool cleaner from essex, and his wife sadly died while she was giving birth to their daughter. daniel now looks after their daughter on his own. his story is a sad one.

anyway, i always get slightly starstruck when i see people off reality tv shows, and i'm not sure why. it's the same with tv presenters. it doesn't even have to be someone i like. it usually isn't, although i do quite like daniel. i remember one of the only other times i was this excited about seeing someone famous was when i saw george janopolus from the tv dating show 'would like to meet'. he was working as a bouncer somewhere and i was so in awe i had my photo taken with him. it's weird, but i'm never as impressed when i see genuine celebrities like pop stars or film stars. it must be something about the ordinariness of people like daniel and george. it's because they're not particularly famous or always on the tv or making public appearances that it makes it all the more exciting when i do see them. the chances of seeing them seem so much less. they're like folk heroes to me. i suppose it's the same with writers and painters. they're just that little bit more elusive.

anyway, i won't be able to watch x factor this week because we'll be onstage in cardiff while it's on, and then i'm going to miss the results show because i'm going to watch the voluntary butler scheme at another venue. oh well, it's nice to get out and perhaps i'll be able to get back to my hotel room in time to watch it repeated later on. this week the contestants have to sing british songs. i think i'd like daniel to sing the song 'bright eyes', because i think it's the saddest and most beautiful song ever written about death, and after seeing him perform 'to where you are' by josh groban i think it would be a very touching performance. either that or he could do 'daniel' by elton john, just because it would be a bit weird.

here is a list of things i never thought i would mention in a blog:

daniel from x factor
george janopolus
josh groban

i'm sorry. the next blog i write will be all about slint.


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