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05 November 2008

the season to be jolly

"i have learnt a great deal from using junk. i have seen life measured out in eyedroppers of morphine solution. i have seen a cell full of sick junkies silent and immobile in separate misery. they knew the pointlessness of complaining or moving. they knew that basically no one can help anyone else. there is no key, no secret someone else has that he can give you. i experienced the agonizing deprivation of junk sickness, and the pleasure of relief when junk thirsty cells drank from the needle. perhaps all pleasure is relief."

– william s burroughs

i feel relieved. i'm sitting on a train on the way in to london, and i know it's a bit early to be thinking about christmas but i'm really excited about it this year. we're doing lots of exciting things for christmas. exciting for us anyway. we're throwing a christmas party and the whole world is invited. but only a couple of hundred people will be able to get in. it's being held at the hoxton bar and grill on monday the fifteenth of december. and then we're doing some other, perhaps even more exciting things, but i'll write about them towards the end of the week.

before that, we're playing in cardiff on saturday the fifteenth of november, as part of the swn festival. we're on at about seven o clock in tommys bar. but if i were you i'd just go down there from lunchtime and stay for the whole day. you might be too drunk to see by the time we come on, but sometimes that's the best way to enjoy us.

so there it is. it hasn't been the most enjoyable year for us, but i think it's going to be fun again now. happy christmas everyone.


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