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26 September 2008

it's your little red wagon and you've got to pull it

i picked up the new j-lew album this week. by which i mean i went to the shops and bought a copy of the new album by jenny lewis on monday, just in case anyone wasn't familiar with her j-lo and li-lo style nickname.

i've given the album three or four listens, and i quite like it. i absolutely loved the first album, i think it was my second favourite of the year when it came out, but i haven't warmed to this new one as quickly. the production is a lot more grand, but it feels a little bit cold. it sounds more like a rilo kiley record. and i guess i liked rabbit fur coat because it didn't. not that i don't like rilo kiley, i do. but j-lew seemed more comfortable and natural doing country, and it seemed to suit the personal nature of the songs. my favourite song on acid tongue is the title track, probably because it could have fitted quite happily on rabbit fur coat. maybe it's something to do with the lyrical themes of this record, j-lew doesn't seem to cast herself in these new songs as much as she did in rabbit fur coat. it kind of reminds me of 'cassadaga' by bright eyes in that way, and also because the production seems a little bit more classic and refined. and weirdly, it was the album before 'cassadaga', 'i'm wide awake it's morning', when bright eyes seemed to have finally found a comfortable place for his songs and his subjects too. and then it was only really 'lime tree' off 'cassadaga' that carried it on. maybe i just want everything to stay the same and nothing to ever change or move on, and maybe it just didn't move in the direction i wanted it to, and it isn't up to me which direction someone takes their songs. but i wish acid tongue was more like rabbit fur coat, because i was so excited about it coming out. saying all that, i love 'carpetbaggers' and 'see fernando' off the new j-lew album. i just wish it was full of songs like that. perhaps i'll make it into a little ep on my ipod.

and perhaps it should be spelt j-loo not j-lew just because it looks nicer, but i suppose she would have to spell her name jenny loowis for that to make sense.



Or Jenny Loois.

i had that same trouble with rilo kiley; i felt like they really found a good spot with execution of all things, and then they tried to grow up too fast and ended up with under the blacklight.

regardless, You Are What You Love is one of the best songs i have on my itunes, thanks to Loois&the Watson Twins.


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