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15 August 2008

surprise me

"there is no love of life without despair of life"
- albert camus

i've been thinking about chocolates. revels chocolates in particular. because revels are doing this promotion at the moment where you get to evict a flavour from the packet, and then the chosen evictee flavour will be replaced by an exciting new flavour for a limited time. i was quite excited by this for some reason. and my initial reaction was to plump for the coffee flavour revel or the raisin one. just because those are the ones i hate. especially the coffee ones. but then i started thinking about it a bit too much, and i began to imagine a revels packet without the coffee ones in. a packet without the ones i didn't like. and somehow it seemed less fun. as if some of the excitement would go out of eating revels if there was no risk involved anymore. it would just be a packet of chocolates like every other. there would be none of that chocolate russian roulette. there would be no surprises. i would just like them all and happily eat them all, and then throw the packet in the bin and buy another packet. there wouldn’t be a half eaten packet of revels containing all the coffee ones, and the raisin ones with all the chocolate bitten off, sitting on my windowsill. and the thought of that made me feel slightly less human.

so when i went on to the website i did something odd, and i didn't vote out the coffee one or the raisin one. i voted out the malteser. after all it does already have a packet all to itself, which often comes as part of a multi buy with revels at my local garage anyway, so i figured i wouldn’t really be missing out. and i had to keep the orange one because that's my favourite. and although the minstrel has a packet all to itself, like the malteser does, a friend of mine did point out that the minstrel in a revels packet is naked, so it does make it slightly special. the toffee one has to stay if the raisin stays because they are the most difficult to distinguish from each other, and as you get towards the bottom of the packet it can be quite a thrill trying to pick out one from the other. so i went for the malteser. and i got to virtually attach it to a balloon on the website and cut the string, and then it reminded me of that song we wrote about a balloon and a broken string and i figured i must have done the right thing.

anyway, i checked the leader board on the revels website and coffee is winning, closely followed by raisin, so i guess it'll be one of them that goes. but i can't help thinking that it won't be the same without them.



this is a really good post.

Posted by: alicia pernell | 15 August 2008

i think i love you. seriously, no kidding.

i like mixtapes with too much consideration. megfhmmm....

Posted by: cloudéberry | 26 August 2008

i want to be your penpal, but am afraid you'll think the idea too strange. i expect it's quite inappropriate to approach a complete stranger and insist that they be your penpal. the person might abhor writing letters, for instance, or have plenty of friends already. they mightn't think it the least bit necessary to strike up a correspondence with someone they have absolutely no prior knowledge of.

i am a very good penpal, though. i reply punctually and i always use my nicest handwriting. and i want to be your penpal because you are clever and eloquent and i like to think that you wouldn't mind were i to send you ten-page-long harangues about nostalgia and hissy mixtapes filled with obscure b-sides.

i'm aware that this is all very forward, and that i'll probably look quite silly, but i hope you might consider it. i haven't many friends and those i do have listen to bad records and think i'm a bit of a nuisance for being so sentimental about everything. i feel like i have such a lot of stories to tell but am forever having to hold my tongue. and i so like the way you write and the things you appear to think about.

yours hopefully,

Posted by: jenn | 28 August 2008

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