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14 August 2008

if i stay here just a little bit longer

june. july. half of august. i can't believe the summer is almost over. i've only written three blogs in as many months. at the beginning of the year i made a new years resolution to write one a week. so far this year i've written seventeen, and i think there are about twenty weeks left so that means we must have already had thirty two weeks, in which case i'll be about fifteen short of my target even if i write one a week for the rest of the year. oh well, perhaps september will be a particularly exciting month for the boy least likely to.

august has been nice so far. i came back from being on holiday in the south of wales. where it was sunny for a couple of days and then rained for the rest of it. i stopped in hay on wye on the way there, which was pretty exciting. the town of books. something about being there reminded me of that thing about never being more than ten feet away from a rat. not because there were lots of rats or anything, but just because there were so many second hand bookshops and i was overwhelmed by it all. it was like i was never more than ten feet away from a book that i really wanted but might not know was there. and i knew it would be impossible to search through all the shops, but that i wouldn't be able to relax knowing that i could be standing just a few feet away from a book that i might've been trying to find for ages.

the only book i did buy while i was there was a copy of the selected poems of theodore roethke from this amazing bookshop that only sold poetry. but it was the same in that shop too. there were just too many books and i forgot most of the things i was looking for and was too nervous to ask for the few things i remembered. then when i got home and i'd calmed down a bit. i went on their website and found out that they had a copy of 'transformations' by anne sexton. in stock. it must have been in the shop while i was there, just sitting on a shelf, probably only a few feet away from me. like a rat.

i'm going to have to go back to hay on wye one day. and i'll make sure i'm better prepared next time.

also while i was in wales i discovered that i don't know how to buy flip flops. i thought it would be quite simple but it turns out that there are all sorts of rules and regulations that i was completely unaware of. i don't think i'd know how to buy shorts either. it's funny the things you learn about yourself when you're on holiday.

we had promised a new album this summer. but obviously it hasn't been released yet, otherwise we would have mentioned it. i wish i could write about everything that's happened but i can't. although when i wrote in november about the light at the end of the tunnel, i did worry that it might have been a train coming the other way. and i can now confirm that it was a train heading towards us and that there was almost a terrible accident. we managed to jump out of the train we were in just in time, but that didn't stop the other train colliding with our empty one. luckily no one was badly hurt and as soon as we have cleared all the broken bits of train off the track we will be continuing on our journey, but until then please be advised that there may be some delays, and that there will be changes to the listed timetable.

only thirty four blogs to go now. perhaps i'll surprise everyone and post one tomorrow.


ps. i put our version of faith by george michael up on our facebook page, because lots of nice people keep emailing me to ask me where they can get hold of it and it isn’t available anywhere. you can only listen to it on there but it might temporarily assuage your hunger. there’s a link to our facebook page on our myspace page just above the link for the shop. and on our website too.

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