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07 July 2008

my eyes were red but that was just with hay fever

hay fever is so embarrassing. as are all allergies. even though some of them are obviously very dangerous and frightening. hay fever is embarrassing because it's a sign of my body being totally oversensitive to something that is actually innocuous. it's scared of something that isn't really scary at all and just goes totally mental about it. i can't believe that my body is scared of pollen. and not just scared, it actually thinks it's dangerous. dangerous enough to start rapidly activating white blood cells to fight it. and my brain knows it's just pollen and dust particles, but my body won't listen to my brain. it's the equivalent of seeing a spider and calling the police. and every day the police turn up and i have to explain to them that it's all been a big mistake and that it was just a tiny spider and nothing for my body to worry about. and then my body wakes up the next day and sees the same spider and immediately calls the police again. it makes me so angry sometimes that my body won't listen to me. it's such an idiot.

thank you to everyone that sent me suggestions for treating my hay fever. all very helpful, although i'm still nervous of the advice from someone that suggested i take a whole mouthful of tablets every day. and someone else suggested moving to germany, which might be taking things a bit far. everything else i will try though. except it's been raining for the last two days anyway so i haven't really been suffering that much.

one of my favourite bands from the last few years, lucky lucky pigeons, have put up some new songs on their myspace page, and they've made it so that i can download them all for absolutely nothing. it says they're songs off their new album, bird flu. i thought they'd split up because there'd been a blog post that mentioned them doing their last gig ever a couple of months ago, but then these new songs appeared and they're fantastic, especially 'no lips on locos', which sounds a bit like what vienna by ultravox would have sounded like if it hadn't been shit.

there are other things i wanted to write about and maybe i will later. i know i should write more often, but i just haven't been in the mood recently. i think this month might be different, but i always think that.