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17 June 2008

a little souvenir of a colourful year

"i built that challenger by myself,
but i needed money and so i sold it."

if i had to choose one i probably couldn't. i'd have to be allowed two. the thing is, i've always had 'thunder road' as my favourite song by bruce springsteen, but it doesn't seem complete somehow without 'the promise'. it only seems like half the story. a bit like that episode of friends where phoebe finds out that her mum never showed her the ends of sad films to protect her from the painful truth. if you only have 'thunder road' you only have the hopeful bit, where it's all rolling down the windows and letting the wind blow back your hair. you only have the beginning of the dream. it doesn't seem true unless you remember there's every chance it'll end up like springsteen does in 'the promise', sleeping in the back seat of a borrowed car with the tyres rushing by in the rain.





i always imagine thunder road to be like a sister song to paradise by the dashboard light, only it illustrates why bruce springsteen is so much more awesome than meatloaf

meatloafs girl is like 'will you love me forever?' and he's like 'um, let me sleep on it.... oh alright then' then doomed to a life of drudgery

bruce is like 'you can come in my car, but i WILL be expecting to have sex with you - also, you're not that good looking but i'm prepared to overlook the fact because we'll have a lovely time', yet he still manages to make it sound like a spectacular deal to her because he really really sells it

this is one of the (many) reasons why bruce springsteen is better than meatloaf.

Posted by: Fiona | 24 June 2008

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