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01 April 2008

there's no such thing as victory

"all have won and all shall have prizes"
- lewis carroll

we won the mark radcliffe and stuart maconie pick n mix competition, and we are now their record of the week. hooray. i feel on top of the world. it was so exciting to hear one of our new songs being played on the radio. a big big thank you to everyone who voted and to mark radcliffe and stuart maconie for taking a chance on a relatively unknown indie pop group.

"winning isn't everything... it's the only thing."
- vincent van gogh

in news elsewhere, i spent a lovely day doing the artwork for the next single and i think it’s my favourite of the new photos so far. it still features the knitted bird but in slightly more compromising circumstances. not in a sexy way. that would be wrong. i just mean that the bird is restricted in what he can do. as soon as we’ve finished it i’ll put it up on the pictures page. the single should be out next month.

here are four other things i've been enjoying this week.

the french version that girls aloud have done of their new single 'can't speak french' called 'je ne parle pas français' because it reminds me of when sandie shaw used to do french versions of all her albums. and because i especially love the line "i let the funky music do the talking" when it's one of the least funky songs ever. brilliant.

the terror dream by susan faludi.

mulatas. i went to a cocktail bar called la bodeguita del medio on saturday night and tried these for the first time. it's made up of limes and rum and crème de cacao and and it tastes just like those green chocolate lime sweets you can get. i declare it officially the drink of the spring. gin and tonic is disgusting though. anyone who likes it is a weirdo.

'where did our love go' by the supremes, because before i went to la bodeguita del medio i was sitting in ed's easy diner on old compton street on saturday afternoon drinking a raspberry ripple milkshake and it came on the jukebox and it sounded like the most exciting and incendiary pop song ever.



Getting single of the week on a great (and hopefully much listened to) radio show and discovering green chocolate lime cocktails, what a great day!

I used to like gin and tonic. It is an old lady drink though, as my friends kept telling me. They told me so often I stopped drinking it in public. I soon stopped drinking it in private. I now quite like rum based drinks.

Posted by: him_indoors | 06 April 2008

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