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26 March 2008

eggs are happiness shaped


i think perhaps the blog i posted earlier was a bit miserable. it all comes from too much sitting indoors when it's raining and eating too many easter eggs and listening to aidan moffat. i think perhaps i shouldn't do so much of that, even if he is the new amy winehouse and nothing tastes quite like refrigerated easter egg chocolate. i think perhaps i should get out more and not worry so much about every tiny little thing. i left the house for a bit this afternoon, and when i got home things didn't seem quite so bad after all. i remembered that i love being in the boy least likely to, and that even if sometimes it feels like i'm banging my head against a brick wall, there isn't really anything to feel sad about. because we're just a pop group and we just make pop records and it should be fun. and when i remember that, i feel happy and i want to make more of them.


happiness is egg shaped

aidan john moffat is the new amy winehouse. i'm not really sure what that means, but if someone was to ask me that's what i'd tell them. not duffy and not adele. aidan john moffat. i've been listening to his new album everywhere i go the last couple of weeks and i think it's really beautiful. i bought the bon iver album as well, but i haven't been listening to that cos it sounds like sting. aidan moffat sounds nothing like sting, but he does have one of those voices that if i listen to it too much then it becomes the voice i hear in my head speaking my thoughts. i get the same thing after i've been listening to hancocks half hour tapes and then sometimes i hear the voice bernard cribbins uses when he reads winnie the pooh. my thoughts don't sound like mine when someone else is speaking them. i sound more interesting to myself. more thoughtful.

i've been listening to 'little bit' by lykke li a lot too. it's my new favourite mixtape song, even though i don't make mixtapes anymore. i just make playlists on my ipod, which isn't the same thing at all. i miss making mixtapes and i miss having a walkman instead of an ipod. i don't think i actually like having thousands of songs available to me at any one time. i miss having to choose which tapes to take out with me before going somewhere. and i miss the excitement of going somewhere and knowing i've made a new mix tape and that wherever i'm going i'll always associate it with those songs on that particular tape. i don't even know if you can buy walkmans anymore.

yesterday i was sorting out all the manufacturing for the new single, which should be out in the middle of may and we're in the process of booking some gigs for around the first half of may as well. it's been three weeks since the last weblog. i was supposed to write one of these a week. it was my new years resolution. but sometimes so little happens in a week of being in the boy least likely to that i can't bring myself to write anything. it's all just having meetings and waiting to have meetings and making phone calls and waiting for people to ring back and talking round and round in circles and never really getting to do any of the things i formed a band to do. so then if i do try and write something i just end up writing a weblog about darts. and no one wants that again. so i decided that i'd wait until we were doing something exciting and that as long as i wrote fifty two weblogs this year that would count as one a week and i would have kept my resolution. and as soon as i have anything exciting to write about i promise i will write about it.

until then. it's always nice to have an egg for breakfast.

not that exciting though.


07 March 2008

crossword answers

thank you to everyone that came to our london show and shouted out the answers to our crossword. for those of you that are still worrying about it, i can reveal that the "small stream" was indeed a "rill" and that "tagus" was a river in portugal. the type of crocodile that was also a word meaning "thug" was "mugger" as someone suggested, even though at the time i couldn't make it fit with the answer we had to the clue going across it for "early keyboard instrument" that gave us an "n" as the fourth letter. this morning i realised what had happened. we'd somehow managed to fit the word "pianola" into a nine letter space by spelling it "pianonola". which of course isn't a word at all. and i'm not even sure if "pianola" is a word either. anyway, the actual answer was "virginals". an embarrassing and silly mistake. i guess we must have been a bit distracted when we were doing the crossword that afternoon.

for anyone that didn't come to the london show, it wasn't as boring as i've just made it sound. i don't think.


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