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26 March 2008

eggs are happiness shaped


i think perhaps the blog i posted earlier was a bit miserable. it all comes from too much sitting indoors when it's raining and eating too many easter eggs and listening to aidan moffat. i think perhaps i shouldn't do so much of that, even if he is the new amy winehouse and nothing tastes quite like refrigerated easter egg chocolate. i think perhaps i should get out more and not worry so much about every tiny little thing. i left the house for a bit this afternoon, and when i got home things didn't seem quite so bad after all. i remembered that i love being in the boy least likely to, and that even if sometimes it feels like i'm banging my head against a brick wall, there isn't really anything to feel sad about. because we're just a pop group and we just make pop records and it should be fun. and when i remember that, i feel happy and i want to make more of them.



Your day sounds a lot like how my today was, except I'd already finished the last of my Easter egg the previous night so things could always be worse.

I'm really looking forward to the new album. Please play Manchester again when you tour.

Posted by: him_indoors | 27 March 2008

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