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07 March 2008

crossword answers

thank you to everyone that came to our london show and shouted out the answers to our crossword. for those of you that are still worrying about it, i can reveal that the "small stream" was indeed a "rill" and that "tagus" was a river in portugal. the type of crocodile that was also a word meaning "thug" was "mugger" as someone suggested, even though at the time i couldn't make it fit with the answer we had to the clue going across it for "early keyboard instrument" that gave us an "n" as the fourth letter. this morning i realised what had happened. we'd somehow managed to fit the word "pianola" into a nine letter space by spelling it "pianonola". which of course isn't a word at all. and i'm not even sure if "pianola" is a word either. anyway, the actual answer was "virginals". an embarrassing and silly mistake. i guess we must have been a bit distracted when we were doing the crossword that afternoon.

for anyone that didn't come to the london show, it wasn't as boring as i've just made it sound. i don't think.


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