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04 February 2008

the bees of winter

"This is the time of hanging on for the bees - the bees
So slow I hardly know them,
Filing like soldiers
To the syrup tin

To make up for the honey I've taken.
Tate and Lyle keeps them going,
The refined snow.
It is Tate and Lyle they live on, instead of flowers.
They take it. The cold sets in."

- sylvia plath

i feel a bit like we spent most of last year wintering. like bees do. sitting around in an insulated little hive, sealed off from the outside world. waiting out the cold weather and getting fat on our honey stores. keeping warm by flexing our little flight muscles. i read somewhere that wintering bees stick together in a cluster and that the cluster expands and contracts with the temperature. so the colder it gets, the tighter they huddle. i also read that wintering bees can become agitated and defensive if anyone tries to open their hive before it's time. which reminds me of how we were when we were making the album. and it was all very nice and warm and safe in our hive, and we probably could have kept on wintering for another month or two, but we've finished the album and everything we needed to do, so now it really is time for us to come out and get back to being bees again. cross pollinating flowers and making honey for humans to steal.

but before we went ahead and booked an arena tour, we thought it might be a nice idea to do a couple of smaller shows. just so we could try playing some of the songs off our new album and not have to worry about being rubbish in front of too many people. so we'll be doing two shows at the beginning of march. nothing big. just something small and perhaps a little bit special. like secret gigs, but not really that secret at all. a sort of secret that everyone knows.

these are the dates

southampton joiners on sunday 2nd march
tickets are available from www.seetickets.com and www.ticketmaster.co.uk or you can phone 023 8063 2601

london water rats theatre on thursday 6th march
tickets are available from www.ticketweb.co.uk and www.seetickets.com or you can phone 0870 060 0958 or 0870 060 0100

and hopefully we'll be doing a few little shows like this all over the place until the album comes out in the summer.

we spent a lovely day mastering the album last week. down in south london with simon francis at masterpiece. when we got there simon had bought us both almond croissants for breakfast. it was my first time with one. i was very impressed. it wasn't too sickly and it wasn't too nutty. which were my initial fears. it was actually very nice. and i like the way the mastered album sounds too, so in the end, a really good day all round. we'll put some new songs up on the myspace page and on the website in the next couple of weeks. and then at the beginning of march we might give a song away for nothing. just for the fun of it. just because we want people to hear it and perhaps even like it and be able to listen to it over and over again if they want to.

"the bees are flying. they taste the spring."

- sylvia plath



Fab. I have missed you guys so much and I need a new CD to stop the last one wearing out.
But please, please, please could you play 'When I grow up I want to be a boy again' at the Water Rats - you didn't play it when I saw you at Scala and it is fabulous

Posted by: Oz | 05 February 2008

this is amazing.
i am so excited for this new cd.
i also really liked the sylvia plath references.

Posted by: Michael | 05 February 2008

How very odd that we don't like the same books - or rather I do like yours they just aren't quite the ones that I hug to myself and hide under my pillow. Perhaps it's because you are a boy and I've been informed that boys don't like books with relationships in them.

It will be lovely to see you in March - came to the Scala - it's a bit too big.

Posted by: Linda Mae | 07 February 2008

Just saw the Digestive advert! So exciting, but I can't believe there's no vocal.

Posted by: oz | 14 February 2008

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